RFID-USB EMV Card Reader



We are proud to introduce our RFID-USB. This is the world’s first card reader which is able to wirelessly read credit and debit cards via RFID. It will record all information in plain text track format and store to internal memory.

For the first time ever card information will be able to be recorded without ever touching the card. No more worrying about interrupted swipes or jittering because the second that a EMV card processes a transaction (atm/pos). downloaded to the internal memory.


90 mA rechargeable battery

uses 0.8 mAh in idle mode

dimension 59 mm x 35 mm x 5 mm

read all cards within a 4.5 cm range

reads (atm/pos) transactions that is processed within 182 cm

T1 & T2

stores up to 5000 reads


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