WN001 – ATM Bezel Overlay


ALL Sizes  – ATM Bezel Overlay


This is our newest and smallest ATM bezel overlay, the WN001. The WN001 is a small black ATM bezel overlay designed to fit perfectly on several ATM models from the manufacturer Wincor-Nixdorf.


The slot in the middle has indentations to hold the card perfectly into place. It also features a small hole perfectly sized for a 2-track 4.5mm magnetic read head. This hole is placed perfectly over Track 1 and Track 2. This is a feature all of our ATM bezel overlays possess. This style ATM bezel overlay is frequently referred to as a nano bezel. This specific ATM bezel is manufactured exclusively by MSR Tron.


We are one of the only sellers of ATM bezels and the WN001 is sold by us here at MSR Tron only. Any other company claiming to sell them has not been authorized by MSR Tron.

All of our products are shipped from our location in the USA. You are able to purchase here using Bitcoin.


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